Performance: how well a person machine, etc. does a piece of work or activity

How does it work?

In simple marketing terms – paying your money only for specific results in advertising: clicks, impressions, leads, sales, etc.

performance marketing, splitx mad
performance marketing, splitx mad
performance marketing, splitx mad

We're special

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  • No fixed monthly fees
  • No agency fees on top of your ad spend
  • Starting slow, scaling fast
  • Pay % fee only for profit we deliver via ads & email

Goal = maximize profit

Standard Agency

  • Fixed monthly fees (thousands of dollars)
  • 10-15% agency fee on top of your ad spend
  • Starting fast, scaling slow
  • Agency earns money even if they give you 0 results

Goal = increase ad spend

performance marketing, splitx mad


You just may not get the real performance marketing with your usual marketing agency since their revenue is not directly connected to yours.

How to get MAD results

  1. We set up your performance blueprint, tracking, and accounts
  2. We set up campaigns, ad creatives, and email flows
  3. We optimize and scale up the campaigns, regularly reporting back to you
  4. You pay us the % fee only from the advertising & email profit we bring you, making our revenues directly connected = locking us into the same goals
performance marketing, splitx mad
splitx mad, performance marketing

Advertising & email profit?

We use the simple formula.

  • Ad & email revenue – ad & email spend = advertising & email profit

Revenue and spend are tracked by campaign management tools provided by Facebook, Google, Omnisend, and others.

And remember...

You owe us nothing if we don’t get you profit.