Challenging the Status Quo:
Renowned x Angela Davis

Renowned x Angela Davis is more than just a t-shirt.

The client

Renowned is a streetwear clothing brand from Los Angeles, multi-featured in the likes of Forbes, Vogue, GQ, WWD, and Hypebeast.

Being called “The newest millennial obsession”, “Leading the charge in re-defining streetwear”, and one of the “Top black-owned fashion brands” – Renowned is definitely coming into the spotlight for the years to come.

From the branding standpoint, Renowned collections exist to illustrate the duality of the American Dream. Their aim is to showcase not only the triumphs but also the obstacles faced during the pursuit of goals and dreams.

Renowned champions the culture in which it directly relates to and stems from. The brand formulates silhouettes, patterns, and motifs that bind the past, present, and aim to create a brighter and more dynamic future for all those who consume it.

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The campaign


We are collaborating with Renowned in various digital marketing efforts for the past 3 years and more than four collections, ranging from digital marketing advisorship to performance marketing campaigns.

When John, Renowned founder, told us that they got the opportunity of furthering the efforts of advocating for the advancement of people of color with the upcoming special project with dr. Angela Davis, a civil rights icon, we were more than happy to assist in its realization and promotion with our digital marketing expertise.

renowned x angela davis

The Campaign: Renowned x Angela Davis

Renowned x Angela Davis is more than just a t-shirt.

It is a call to action to demand equal access in the pursuit of happiness and opportunity for those who have historically been denied these rights. Renowned x Angela Davis is a piece of history.

What made this campaign really special is being able to donate a portion of the proceeds towards abolitionist organizations Underground Grit and Dream Defenders.

Read more about the campaign on Renowned website:


The campaign was heard around the world with various features, such as WWD, The Guardian, GQ, Nylon, Vogue, and Dazed.

As John said: “It’s always important to give back and uplift the generations after us! We will continue to do our part and make real change for those next up!”

“Renowned tells the story for those kids inside us all, idealistic, unique, hopeful but most of all already destined for greatness… it’s just a matter of time.”

SplitX always supported and will continue to support visionaries that are willing to challenge the status quo. John Dean and Renowned are definitely one of them.

angela davis, renowned, splitx mad, vogue, gq, wwd, the guardian, nylon, dazed